Website Copy That's Compelling, Not Boring

Writing Website Copy for CPAs and Tax Accountants

Is Your Website Copy An Afterthought?

Everyone knows CPAs are smart, educated, and have heaps of experience.  So what makes you different from other CPAs is your words.

Your website is your firm's first impression. What is yours saying about you?

First-rate website copy unlocks the power of words. And words are more powerful than numbers.

Some of these may sound familiar:

1. I hate writing.

2. I don't know where to start or what to say.

3. How do I make tax and accounting not sound boring?


Being Seen As Expert in Your Niche

Having a

Non-Boring Website

Getting More Clients with Less Effort

Not Having to Write Anything

What Could Website Copywriting Do For Your Firm?

The CPA Who Writes

I'm Melissa, a CPA who writes exclusively for accountants and financial professionals

I know what it's like to speak in jargon that only accountants understand. It's our secret language and makes us special. 

I use my unique translation skills to write website copy that drops the jargon and speaks to your audience in a way they understand.


Whether you serve individuals or businesses, I've got the words you need.   

Let's Get Started!