Hi, I'm Melissa, The CPA Who Writes.


And I’m a recovering CPA. Recovering from what you ask.  I'm recovering from my life as a number-crunching CPA.

The Writer


I finally accepted that my love of words is as strong as my love of numbers. Don’t get me wrong, I can still geek out on financial statements and can read (and understand) IRS regulations. 


However, what really gets me excited is writing...writing engaging financial content for the layperson.


The challenge of translating technical topics into easy to understand and enjoyable content is where I thrive.


I’ve been told I have a unique gift.


A gift that allows me to take what most people consider boring (think: accounting, tax, or finance) and turn it into something people want to read and can understand.

The Accountant

I became a CPA in 2001 after toiling away for two years at Arthur Andersen, where thanks to the Enron failure, I became well trained in paper shredding and mastered the concept of plausible deniability. 

I spent time working in law enforcement helping prosecute white-collar criminals and Ponzi schemers.


I worked as an auditor in Big 4 firms, as a CFO, and nearly every position in between.


I was the A-typical accountant...both nerdy and outgoing

After writing many research memos, I knew writing was my knack. 

I love words and numbers!

The Human Being

American English is my native language. I can sound British from time to time and my Spanish is strictly semi-coherently fluent. 


I've lived/worked abroad in such lovely locales as Bermuda, Halifax, and Dubai.


I've called Indiana, Colorado, and Florida home.


I love the Oxford comma and the color blue.


I enjoy laughing until I cry, eating my mom's homemade red velvet cake, and playing or watching tennis. After maxing out my Roger Federer collection, I've now switched my obsession to Rafa. 


Check out my work. Leave a comment.

Drop me a line. Follow me on Twitter.

Reach out somehow. I want to hear from you.


In the meantime, I'll go back to writing and counting with my abacus.



Thanks for stopping by.


Don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re in need of marketing expertise or would simply like to chat about tennis!

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